Meet, Mr&Mrs Aby and Silta.

Part 1

Aby used to work hard. He used to return home with fatigue in his Sinew. His eyes were frosty as if the ice had stung him. His face had unusual glow as that of Chester. With sighs but the crooked fantasy saved him. He was very much family man, but he had extended one- Him Her and another one.
The another one loved Aby. Aby was fond of another one. Aby adored Silta.

The streets running down to 431 road, the first right led to three storey building. The door mentioned Mr&Mrs Aby and Silta. Mrs Safflower knocked the door. It opened as usual. In hush tones, she murmured Silta, dear, I don’t know how to say it to you, I cannot believe this myself.

Everyone adored this couple. They were generous. They were life of the streets. Some in hush tones spoke, 5 years of marriage, yet Silta is not blessed with a child, but that was it. Their happiness was contagious. Even the shallowest water could not be salty.

Be it 14th February or 21st July, Aby and Silta seemed like God’s had descended to make love. The love was self consuming and beyond. The heart was beyond breaking. If only bodies could trap the soul, physicality has limitations ,but the soul is limitless.

Silta said, What hell did just break, Mrs Safflower? Uncanny silence of the dead with the sound lub,dub lub, dub. As the air blew, the sound became more obvious. Aby found out. Aby found out. What?

Part 2

Abby was a man of character, but impeccability should be left out of human Character. His turmoils reflected a way out. In another one, he resided. His peace was Silta, his vitality was another one. 

Mrs Safflower’s pitch fluctuated today. Silta, Abby knows about it. You carried it, He will kill us all, Her trembling voice squeaked. Silta’s pupils shrunk, silence told it all. Silta eyes gazed at the waist of Mrs Safflower’s, then at her moulds. The two shadows met, first the lips, then the uterine. With the thighs, eyes were wet too.

Silta was women of character, but her being was much more than sabatical existence. She used to paint like those of Gough, fish like eyes of her saw more than the colour of Monochrome. Sensuous vitality you old fool, you play it all you know it all.

Part 3

The another one.

Zaffar, I need to get the complete report on Mori. No. We will not budge. (some inaudible sounds later) The editor can fire me, but think about yourself, if you don’t I for sure will do it to you, with a grumpy face She touched the red button.
Why do you care so much, said Abby, it is just work, get paid and move on? The face had already turned like White burning coal. She had the eyes of ocean holding the bursting molten lava. She was like weather, at a time frame, she felt warm like summer and yet at other, like frosty shivering winds, shaking the spine.
I thought you understood me. Ops, my mistake, who am I talking too?
You are stressed, I understand but why are you making it about us now, said Abby.
Because not all of us are good actors like you. By the way, how is Silta doing?
Stop it.
Okey, call her and tell her about me and I will.
You know I can’t do that.
I wonder How you look straight into her eyes, while uttering divine bullshit.
With moist eyes, Abby opened his mouth. The salivary glands had done their job, even words got gulped. He turned his head 180’. Few moments later, the door and Casing rubbed furiously leaving the sound of Dhaap disturbing the silence.

P.S:- This is pigment of writers imagination, this write up is not expected to draw any parallels to reality or real beings. Also, unlike other articles there is no time frame in regards to continuity of this. The story progresses when the writer feels like, so no requests for the same will be entertained।

What is wrong with love games….part 3

Hola, and Welcome back to the Impartial blog. Uncanny things happen huh? Love love love, how much love does a Man want is not a story by Leo tolstoy, but surprisingly we have readers to this, so there will be writers. Huh, you don’t need to be Amartya Sen for understanding Economics 101 for that, right and why i am deviating so much, and not talking to the point? Focus dude/ Chica, that’s the art of getting the conversation done, not a rocket science stuff but there are more than 179999 bloggers selling this for legit payments, which tells that most of us lack this skill, which is not even a skill? But in the weird world, where cash me outside girl made more than 6 millii just by saying that, lets agree it is a valuable asset if not anything else.

Conversation dude is very important, it is the sole decider for many, Why many not everyone? Because primarily people have preference. My goal of writing this is so that one can learn to build love worthy relationships, not mere love arrangements, for love arrangements are based on see-saw model, a give and take relationship, so mostly is a compromise. Building love worthy relationship is pretty daringly important for it is gonna affect your existence and in all everything around it. Most fail to do so, because from early age people are fed with unrealistic notions about love which abruptly leads to a reality where love becomes unrealistic. Life is self fulfilling prophecy and it no way means that manifestation is real as in the claims of it being real but rather a simple explanation is it works like Karma, how? Do you think the universe balances stuff huh? Nope, but when you do a wrong and gradually it becomes way of life, for nobody cheated just once. Always remember, you attract who you are, a cheat will attract people like the cheat, hence gets cheated. Does it means the good will attract only good, nope? And there goes the saying, a rotten apple in the basket rots the entire basket.

Primarily, talking is a very natural thing and when some one fails to do, it means the person is not in sync with self and the reason i almost find it offensive when people choose to learn the art of conversation rather than discovering, Life is much more than Psychological nuances. A well versed script will rot your own individuality and when self is lost, love becomes act of convenience, and thus arrangement and events are arranged tailored not life. Naturally, this is one of the reasons for increasing divorces, relationship failures, because most people enter the phase of self discovery after everything. The thought process is like first let me be this, let me gain financial freedom, first let me buy this house buy this car make that much money and when one reaches the stage of self discovery,the person finds the love which was arrangement right in the face and relationships break, Mid life crisis. How often have you heard this, i am only in this relationship because of the child or because of the shame and this is worse than breaking up. One more toxic notion which has been aggravated by internet is young success, which is sure shot way to destruction in terms of personal happiness on the long run. When the person was supposed to learn about life, that person skipped the whole stairs to learn to make money. I am not saying that this is for everyone but most of cases of young success end up with mental trauma, drug dependency, social unconsciousness, abandonment and Hello,rising suicide numbers. Do i mean young success is bad? Nope, but do i mean we have messed up with the process, sure. To be young and in love in NY city and to not how sums this up.

Before we venture into dating and stuff, which is more than a expensive Car and big booty, lets get this in our head, the primary the first step to growth is self discovery, learning about ones own. Psychological hacks will teach you how to win party games but life is not two dimensional. It is not binary, it is in the shades of Grey. Absolutes are over puffed jargon sounding cool, Truth is relative, subjective and objective. Hope you guys enjoyed the read and i am gonna expand this series soon Stay tuned, its gonna be fun . Thank me.

Lets talk Success, Winning in life through Shattering Indoctrination and Mislabeled identity- Barely here

And Welcome back to the second episode. If you have made it till here, congratulate yourself for choosing better and I promise this noodle worth of your time will be the best investment of your life.

There is this term in Psychology called instrumental conditioning, which means Human behavior can be regulated in a sense through series of repeated be it positive or negative reinforcements, and that easy is to control human mind.

Why are we talking about psychology? because the first step to breaking indoctrination is breakdown of what necessarily caused it. We humans have a very rigid set of belief systems which we absolutely had no voluntary choice to. We actively are not even aware of the indoctrination, it feels so natural that anything otherwise can’t exist, say The root cause of racism. Most People are not racist by choice, they genuinely feel, believe adhere that certain race is superior. Even the problem of Misogyny is same, It is not just men but even Women who genuinely believe manifest swear that Women can’t exist without men. Amidst us, isn’t that you?

So, instrumental conditioning dates back to early 1900’s but is something which is one of the basic yet root to all kinds of conditioning or indoctrination. A black man is not competent  because the black man never had Bruce lee to train him, not because that black man lacks anything. The black man was indoctrinated to believe, thereby to manifest the other person is superior naturally. There is almost nothing called natural talent and what translates as natural talent is also work of the human brain, Say sense of humor, A child born in environment where people in flora and fauna are humorous, the child’s unconscious brain gradually absorbs it learns the pattern of making jokes, thereby the child non-voluntarily has a funny predicament. Ask a stand up comedian and they will tell you, Writing a joke is almost like solving math problem, there exists a formulae, it is not just creativity.

So, how is this even related to being a winner or loser? It is everything, almost indispensable just like freedom which doesn’t exist anywhere, Your mind is a Forest or is a garden, it is what you let it be, be it actively or voluntarily. If how we define someone as winner translates to that person getting premature death, absolutely voiding sense of self and world, inflated happiness or deflated misery  then what he have now is a pretty good thing. The fittest people who gave there entire life to working out are getting heart attack even in early 30’s, do you get what i am trying to say? Understanding this is not just gonna change your life in terms of grandiosity of success but is actually gonna change your existence.

I am now gonna give you a small task, for 5 minutes try not thinking anything, absolutely blank, no thoughts at all, nothing. Try doing this even if you are unable to do it for said time. And We will continue talking tomorrow. It has been absolutely amazing to be talking with you, Hope you had a great time 🙂


Lets talk Success, Winning in life through Shattering Indoctrination and Mislabeled identity- The beginning.

“Wisdom cannot be imparted. Wisdom that a wise man attempts to impart always sounds like foolishness to someone else…Knowledge can be communicated, but not wisdom. One can find it, live it, do wonders through it, but one cannot communicate and teach it.”-Excerpts from the book Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse.

We are born in a world with names we did not choose. Born with the color we did not choose, the genetics we did not choose, a family we did not choose, within a culture….religion… we did not choose. We are fed with information from a very young which we did not choose and followed rules and paths, we had no choice but to follow when young. We were and still are conditioned on the meaning of these two words. “Winner” and “Loser.”

We have evolved into a world that is socially conditioned, full of mythological tales, myths, legends, which has translated into social norms, and the belief that is to be defined defined by externals- appearance, position, status, place of birth, what house we live in, what school or education we have, what company we work for, what bank account we get, What credit card we hold, what mobility we choose. A world filled with labels and contradictions.

This is promoted heavily throughout romance novels, movies, social norms. We are told that we are incomplete and need a soul mate to complete us but if we define our self by someone else to complete us, then we render our self great harm because people are fickle by nature. People’s hearts are changing. People come with fears, belief systems, insecurities, projecting past experiences onto existing and they search for this elusive thing called “love will conquer all..” While most of us know love is not enough but it is promoted anyway through the system and from the beginning of our lives with children fairy tale books, and this too conditions who is a winner and who is a loser.

We hear that there is only one path for success but how many have you met who succeeded with a different path? Many. Therefore, we are born in a world that is…rigid. Success is defined for us and even our humanity. It is a world where we talk about equality and freedom, and yet much of what we see is not equal and much of what we thought is freedom is a prison of the mind.

Most of us live our lives knowing we are living a lie. We find ourselves living with two people inside of us. On one hand, we feel imprisoned and restricted by social rules, confused, and cannot understand how we still just follow when we know better. Oppressed within this shell we call a body. A body that feels guilt and shame about the most natural thing in the world. From day one we are conditioned to believe and feel this. While on the other hand, is a person inside of us who holds so many secrets, desires, dreams, goals, paths, fantasies that most won’t even live and never share with the closest of friends.

Most will never experience but continue to be caged in their own mind just so they can fit in accepted, approved, and validated. So these secrets are locked inside for most of us. Rather than living them, we bury them with movies, romance novels, being busy with our games at each other to pat out ego for more validation while something is tugging at us from within. We can feel it, getting louder. The louder it gets…it makes us busier so we can drown our own true voice to not feel the urgency that time is fleeting. That we now need to just be authentic and seize the opportunity rather than play with it. If that is not enough, we chase the illusions that ambush us along the way and are bewildered on why we are unhappy when we have so much. Or confused why with all our busy, busy, we have so little. It is far too comfortable to just live a lie and pretend everything is fine. It’s comfortable to stay in a relationship we don’t like. It’s comfortable to avoid resolving our own shit and blame it on someone else. We are continually being dictated by someone else on how to live and who we are, and what we are not, and what we cannot achieve. We are even dictated by others on who to even love because of their belief, their fears, and their own insecurities. It’s easy to stay put where we are, wherever we are.

If we question what we believe, taught, follow and act on it then we know we may lose all we hold tight like they mean the world to us. We may lose status, rank, popularity, respect and all we thought defines us as…winners. That’s the trap. We were conditioned to attach everything to these external objects which are used against us to socially, emotionally cage and control us. It’s not like the system does it to us anymore. They did their job long ago. We are now the oil for this machine and we don’t even realize it. We now do it to each other, judging each other, spying on each other, love bombing each other, devaluing each other, defaming each other, pointing at each other, cussing each other, labeling each other and even an opinion for fuck sake…makes people start battling it out like they are enemies. They got to win the argument. They got to debate and get their opinion heard because they got to! So now we are afraid to live on our own terms, follow our own path, and live the life that will make us happy – and – we dare to say to each other and even our children, and those around us, “Be Yourself.” They will tell you to be yourself and then what to be, and if anything comes out of Pandora’s box- the devaluation and destruction by the herd.
A winner isn’t a person who makes someone lose. A winner is someone who responds authentically, by being credible, trustworthy, honestly, genuine to himself first, and in doing so, he is to others. It is a human being who has strived for excellence in facing one’s own demons, in understanding who he/she is, and in finding finally peace in him/herself. If you never have to answer to this “Why were you not yourself?”we have a….winner.

I am not saying it is easy to do. I am not saying you won’t lose friends who desire you to follow their way because it is comfortable for them. I am not saying you may need to go against loved ones who have the similar belief and who tell you to not love someone, see someone, be with someone. I am not saying you won’t be labeled, judged, slurred by many. I am not saying you won’t have to let go of certain expectations. I am not saying you won’t have to let go of somethings in life to win. I am not saying you won’t have to make tough decisions. I am not saying you won’t face some heartache along the way. I am saying, for me, that’s a winner who has been able to shatter Indoctrination and Mislabeled identity, I am just saying Winning ain’t easy. I am just saying, more of that in the next part.

I hope you did enjoy this write up, and more of that you learnt something out of it. If you feel you did, smile 🙂 for nobody likes a sulky winner right?

What is wrong with love games?

Prelude:- This article was written on public demand mostly on demands from my tiny lot of friends who think that i know what i am doing.

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honestly, the word dating is a buzzword. You can develop the solution to World crisis, but still majority of the population will ask- can i fuck it?. Sex is the moving fuel of the world or what most statistics would say. The primary purpose of any living organism is to reproduce and that what is so instinctive is surprisingly still with what majority of the population of the most advanced species on this planet struggle with, funny humans, huh?. More funnily, i am roasting my own reader base of this article and then will make them read this. Told ya, when you signup for reading my blogs, Honesty that stingy bitch will always be there. Hate it or love it, gotta always be real.

We humans who are on the way to conquer another planet, still cannot copulate? Why do you think so? When something that is so instinctive, that most animals of Animal kingdom do it like cake walk. The answer lies because we choose to play games, glamorize it, idealize it and build a pile of expectations out of it. We pretend to impress when it is all about being connected. When we should be expressing our needs- BE it physical, emotional or meta, we decide to hide it. Wow, how smart!! Animals also have lower functioning amygdala leading to lower psychological need so it is also one of the the factors that makes copulation so easy for them.

All whining makes it no fun, for i am not just here to give you reality check but solutions too. So, The Golden advice, Go out. Stop figuring dating out. Just go and do it. Don’t ask your friend or try to read but just do it. The more you connect, the more you know. Why? Because dating is extremely private affair, unlike the dating coach who wants your money, who will tell you that you can have it all, just like how Advertising tells you how one product away are you from your perfect life, it ain’t that. People have different wants and even those wants change from time to time, Say the wants of same person at different ages like 14, or 20 or 30 will fluctuate and likewise, every one is unique, just like you. Some seek companionship,some seek provider-ship and some the hot sauce. A cliche, but for every tea pot there’s a lid. Find yours ? It is that easy,Sounds right, but it ain’t, because people don’t reveal themselves and do you know why? 7 out of ten times it is not you but because of this new age impressionable world. Most people even in late 40’s struggle with severe self image, identity issues. Further aggravated by this social toxic chambers.

Like all problems, which have multiple hotspots, this has too. How do you think that you can get someone’s acceptance, when you yourself are not willing too? So easy sounding words but i know life is no Bollywood movie where one dialogue changes everything. You will have to try everyday, you will fail, there will be moments of weakness, doubts and insecurities,but before you win anyone else’s trust, you gotta learn to trust yourself, that you are enough, that you deserve to be happy, that you are worth it, that you are more than what meets the eye, that you are simply creator’s delight. For sake of eyeballs,i will not use your insecurities to get you glued to my writings, nor i claim to have found gospels of answers towards but all i am saying the problem is not the problem, your idea of problem is the real problem. Being lovable ain’t hard, your idea of love is.

To quote myself, Show me ten problems, i will show you one reason for all of it.The paradox of disconnect is interconnected issues.

Rest, Until next time, i hope this helps. I will be getting busy from now on, but for sure will try to keep up as much as possible. New topic recommendations always invited.

Lets address the elephant in the room- Farmers protest.

Recap, last we pressed the issues explaining the construction of Farmer protest, explaining the reasons for discontent especially from Trio State-Punjab, Harayana and Rajasthan laying special focus on Sikhs as the major part of protest touched them. I advise you to read prior articles before you join me from here.

Why is Trio State so much discontent and Agriculture Market center of the Protest? In general, 68% of Farmer produce is sold below the minimum support price, but Food Corporation of India procures almost 100 % of Wheat and Paddy at MSP from Guess who? The Trio State, albeit Rajasthan faces some discrimination here through the Agriculture Markets, to which State Government further marks up around 8.5% as tax. See, the convoluted interests here.

Indian Farmers have already been near to death bed, Farmer suicide is the times of India buzz word and Maharashtra is the leader here. Nothing so dark, because Farmer suicide just amounts to around 11 percent of all suicides in India. Let’s get Desensitized for suffering Index of Our Country is pretty like Anurag Kashyap films.

Middlemen have often been tagged for manipulating market prices through hoarding and Underpaying Farmers. Recently, there has been an amendment to The Essential Commodities Act, which removes the commodities like cereals, pulses, oilseeds, edible oils, onion, and potatoes from the list of essential commodities list, which means that What Middlemen did achieve by hoarding now can even be done by Corporate sectors through legal methods, especially in case of Non-perishables.

Is it essential Commodities act all evil then? No. While India has become surplus in most Agri-commodities, farmers have been unable to get better prices due to lack of investment in cold storage, warehouses, processing, and export as the entrepreneurial spirit(profits) gets dampened due to prior essential Commodities Act. Farmers suffer huge losses when there are bumper harvests, especially of perishable commodities. The legislation will help drive up investment in cold storage and modernization of the food supply chain. It will help both farmers and consumers while bringing in price stability. It will create a competitive market environment and also prevent wastage of agri-produce that happens due to lack of storage facilities.

Food Corporation of India is already overstocked by 2x. The Government mandates MSP and continues to procure food while bearing a huge loss to the economy. So the removal of these commodities from the essential list allows the export of Goods without any stock limit imposition. . Remember, back in the US how the essential commodities act did play a role? Even when the supply of masks was running low for domestic needs yet Masks were constantly being exported outside because of a better price. That’s Free Market for you. I am all in for Free market, but the country which ranks at around 102 out of 117 on the hunger Index should do it with food grains is something which puts me in dilemma.

Although Government has repeatedly assured that the system of MSP will not be revoked and Mandis will continue to function be it through legislative written assurances and promises but the fear about it has been regarded Corporate interests. As for other states, I consider What worse can happen? Farmers are already struggling so maybe FDI and Private sector Investments may improve their conditions, as the present is already bleak. The disparity between Retail prices of food and prices from which food is procured from the farmer is tormenting. The introduction of legally enforceable contracts between farmers and Corporate further improves and Solves the problem of exploitation by middlemen, but Will it be a question? For the Grievance mechanism is weak, and Country like Ours with razing corruption pushed by corporate lobbying further amplified by lack of education among farmers, Will such Contracts not just be new age tool of exploitation?

Behind every act, there are two things primarily to be analyzed- Legislative i.e the act itself and the legislative intent. In my last article titled let’s talk about absolute truth, not the palatable one. I wrote it in form of prose rather than self-explanatory paragraphs, i.e, unlike mine most articles it requires interpretation. The same is about understanding Legislative intent, how such an act is interpreted and made to use is the deciding factor. This act creates a weapon for the advancement of farmers and overall is a positive act except for Grievance mechanism to which I find instead of introducing the matter at sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) court, rather a different set of the tribunal must be set up just like company law tribunals for the vast majority of the population is involved in farming and a mere extension of the arm of the judiciary is not enough. Rather, A strong Impartial authority should be set up which should not only help farmers to abide by the law but also to protect their needs and more.

Farmers Bill protest and the advent of Khalistan – EP2

Disclaimer:- Personal opinion, feel free to disagree.

This is gonna be sweet and stingy, just how i like my chai and you. Lets dive in and try to have fun while being informative, minus propaganda. Last, we talked about the cultural identity of Sikhism for it is necessary to know the motivations be it of any mass movement. To recall one of my early childhood memories,My first visit to a Gurudwara on one fine Saturday mornings, It was a family invite for something i don’t remember. A Gigantic man greeted me, I was terrified on seeing him, fully bearded and Hell lot hairy Man, he looked like Rubeus Hagrid from harry potter. Also, as i popped out my shoes, he took it away, Not knowing the culture, i panicked and naturally, I rushed back yelling Papa and hugged him tighter than ever but later on, i realized, he gave another person to polish my shoes. That man even handed me some sweets. On my way back, my child like curiosity had triumphed to all time high, and I squashed a plethora of questions, asking why and what. This was my first introduction to Sewa based life of Sikhs. The point of narrating this story or in my previous article the short introduction of Sikhism is to be able to comprehend the current situation.

This Farmer protests has taken lot of ugly turns, to deny saying that Separatist supporters are not going to use this against is to be blind. There has been several reports how Funds from Pakistan has entered Punjab. Basically, Pakistan is that toxic EX who knows no chill, If there is any way to hurt India, they will do it. Naturally, khalistan supporters have found Home in Pakistan. Now, the Current Govt. of India, holds a repute of shaming anything they don’t like to be Anti-national. So, it becomes really complicated to distinguish between Agenda and Problems, Where political parties are trying to spin the maximum biryani to there table. Punjab’s MP and Mla’s have direct financial incentive involved in old MSP regime. I agree with old laws prevailing there for Why fix what ain’t broken?

My opinion as law maker would be this Bill is a legislative weapon for Farmers Empowerment but law works for Holder and buyer of Pen. See, Justice is ideal but law is a man made tool, and like the creator it is flawed. In an ideal World, a contract binding agreement would empower parties, but awareness is the key. If you warrant a faulty contract, there would be encroachment of your own rights. Also, Can a farmer bear legal costs to enforce there rights? Now, the question to be asked is What would be better, Do you want a hammer to help you with your work, it will increase efficiency, lower work load but you may hit your own hand sometimes or do you want to work manually? Using the hammer needs to be learnt, while you are already familiar with earlier practices.

As i see with my eyes, I think for states that continue to prosper with prevailing laws should be given a moratorium period to migrate to new laws and the states that are struggling is where this new bill must be enacted, for In Punjab AMC is set up in less than 50 kms which results to efficiency in being able to easily sell farmer produce, the system is already well implemented there, but in other states, Farmers live a horrific lives so there is where this legislation should be put in. Also, I no way think the act should be implemented as the bill has not received necessary discussion.

Rest, kal batunga, for i am taking rest now.

Farmers Bill protest and the advent of Khalistan ?

Disclaimer:- I hereby would like to apologize for any unintentional hurt to any individual, community or sect, for i have tried to best of my cognitive abilities to represent the truth as i could concur. Being a Part of Free Country which ensures individual freedom rights as to thought and expression. These article is gathered,collective work after researching from various resources made available in Public domain. This article neither indicates nor claims to be conclusive in any sphere.

Readers, Don’t forget the drill, for this article is way too long to be read without your favorite choice of beverage.

Most of Indian state bifurcation movement comes from poor and marginalized regions or sections citing underdevelopment of certain ethnics say the demand of Gorkhaland in West Bengal, Bodoland in Assam, Vidharba in Maharashtra but The Sikh challenge is quite different, not just for being separatist movement as in creation of new country rather than just bifurcation of state boundaries. The Sikhs are among the prosperous of all the peoples of India. They are first-rate farmers, soldiers, sportsmen, self-reliant, with a well-developed work ethic,with Puritan virtues. Punjab is the richest of all the provinces of India. It is because of the Punjab that India has not needed to import food and has been able to mark self reliance in various sectors of Food. The wealth of the Punjab is partly due to its natural resources as in the great rivers and partly due to the skill and industry of its farming population.

According to the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)’s
2019 Annual Report, religious freedom has come under attack in recent years with the growth of exclusionary extremist narratives—including, at times, the government’s allowance and encouragement of mob violence against religious minorities—that have facilitated an egregious and ongoing campaign of violence, intimidation, and harassment against non-Hindu and lower-caste Hindu minorities. Both public and private actors have engaged in this campaign. (US 29 Apr. 2019)
The same report adds that Hindu nationalist groups have contributed to a “rise of
religious violence and persecution,” where the targeted religious minorities,
including Sikhs, “face challenges ranging from acts of violence or intimidation, to the loss of political power, increasing feelings of disenfranchisement, and limits on
access to education, housing, and employment” (US 29 Apr. 2019, 2). According to
an article by Indian online newspaper The Citizen, a “lynch mob phenomenon”
where “mobs have lynched Muslim, Christian, Sikh and Dalit Indians over rumors
and suspicion” has been occurring in India, with 77 lynchings reported between
March 2017 and July 2018 (The Citizen 30 Mar. 2019). The article states that
the perpetrators have all been Hindus. Often the police have stood by and watched. Politicians have come out in support of the attackers, often found to be political workers themselves. Cases have typically been filed against the victims and not the mob. The lynchings have occurred disproportionately in states governed by the BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party]. (The Citizen 30 Mar. 2019)

The primary dikkat comes from the fact that Indian federal law provides minority community status to Sikhs, which allows access to government assistance programs, while legislation refers to Sikhs under the same category as Hindus. Article 25 of the Indian constitution deems Sikhs to be Hindus, and even for Personal laws like Marriage, The Hindu marriage act only governs Sikhs. This creates an environment in which Hindu nationalists view Sikhs as having rejected Hinduism and as being enemies of India because some Sikhs support the Khalistan political movement, which seeks to create a new state in India for Sikhs and full legal recognition of Sikhism as an independent faith. Although, We don’t have Statistics for ground reality from Indian Soil, but there has been starling statistics to prove other wise as in, When there was cry in Uk, by the separatist that Sikhs should not be denoted by Indian origin, to which around 87 % of Sikhs rejected the claim.

The map of Khalistan includes to be Present India minus Jammu and Kashmir, as covered with markings in the Gurmukhi script, the written language of the Sikh scriptures, even though the Sikh population is just around 2 percent(Census,2011)

The attachment of Punjab with Sikhism was made around in 1940’s. Historically, Sikhism was pan-Indian, with the main Sikh scriptures Guru Granth Sahib drawing from works of saints in North as well as South India, and the several others parts such as Nankana Sahib in Pakistan, Panj Takhts Takht Sri Patna Sahib in Bihar, Hazur Sahib Nanded in Maharashtra outside of Punjab.

After the death of Govind Singh, in 1708, the Sikh Khalsa flourished exceedingly for a while, as an efficient and highly motivated armed brotherhood operating in the propitious conditions of the disintegrating Mogul Empire. By the nineteenth century the dominions of the Sikh Maharajah Ranjit Singh extended over the whole Punjab, a designation that then applied to a large part of northwest India, including territories that are now part of Pakistan. But in 1849, after two hard-fought Anglo-Sikh wars, Britain annexed the Punjab, thus completing its empire on the subcontinent.

The British, impressed by the courage and martial prowess demonstrated by the Sikhs during the Anglo-Sikh wars, took great pains to conciliate the Sikhs and were largely successful during the heyday of the Raj. The British showed respect for the Sikh religion, which was more compatible with Victorian Protestant values than any of the other faiths of India. Sikh recruits to the British forces were sworn in on the Sikh scriptures, and were actually required, as a condition of their service, to conform to the requirements of the Sikh religion, as laid down by Guru Govind Singh, as regards personal appearance and behavior (turban, beard, abstinence from tobacco, and so forth). From very early on Sikhs responded to the conciliatory British approach, and they took the British side, against fellow Indians, in the great Indian mutiny of 1857. Although Sikhs were never more than two percent of the population of India, Sikh soldiers amounted to 20 percent of Britain’s Indian Army.

The Sikh religion was able to accommodate itself to the British Raj partly because the British authorities had placed their nominees in control of the Gurdwaras(Sikh temples), including the Golden Temple complex, but also because the Sikhs came to think of themselves less as subjects of the Raj than as partners in it, “favorite sons of the Empress Mother.” In such ways the Sikh religious principle of Raj Karega Khalsaadapted itself to the realities of the actual British Raj.

The happy symbiosis of the British and the Sikhs did not long survive the impact of the First World War -as disillusioning an experience for the Sikh soldiers as for other survivors. In the wave of unrest that swept over India in 1919, Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs appeared for a time to be united in a common cause. For the Sikhs, the most enduring legacy of this period is the recovery of Sikh religious autonomy: the ending, a generation before the coming of Indian independence, of British control over the Sikh Gurdwaras,and so over the means of registering Sikh religious and political opinion.

As independence neared, Sikhs living in the borderlands between the two emergent states of the subcontinent — did not exactly have to choose between India and Pakistan, because Pakistan, being a Muslim confessional state, did not want the Sikhs, whereas secular India offered them equal citizenship. If the Sikhs had refused the Indian offer and insisted on their own state, Khalistan — meaning the state of the Khalsa, “the pure,” the Sikhs — they would have had to fight alone, greatly outnumbered, against Pakistan, which laid claim to the Punjab, where Muslims were the largest community. So the Sikhs elected to join India, and Muslims and Sikhs fought it out in the Punjab, in 1947, through hideous inter communal massacres, which left more than half a million dead and about two million homeless. The old Punjab was partitioned into West Punjab, part of Pakistan, and East Punjab, part of India.

Sikhs seem to have expected to enjoy some kind of autonomous status for themselves as a religious national community within a confederal India. Sikh political leaders soon convinced themselves and their followers that thev had in fact been promised such a status and then cheated out of it. Sikhs, though the largest community in East Punjab, were a minority of its total population.

The Indian government was concerned about the Sikh discontent but unable to concede what the Sikhs were actually looking for: autonomy for themselves as a religious community. To yield on that would be to accept the principle of communalism, an acceptance that would lead to the dissolution of India. Still, it was hoped that the Sikhs could be placated bv arranging majority status for them, not through a religious criterion but through a linguistic one. The old Punjab had already been partitioned, between Pakistan and India. Now India’s Punjab – East Punjab was itself partitioned, on the basis of a linguistic survey. The northern part, speaking Punjabi, retained the name Punjab. In this new Punjab the Sikhs are a majority. The southern part of the old Punjab became Haryana, a state of Hindus, mostly speaking Hindi.

The government of India hoped that the Sikhs, having acquired majority status in their homeland, would be content. But the Sikhs were not content.

In the heyday of the British Raj their appetite for martial glory had been satisfied by a sense of participation, and an illusion of partnership, in the world’s greatest empire. Later, glory was to be found in the struggle against the British Raj. The Sikhs claim that 90 percent of those who fell in India’s struggle for independence were Sikhs; of course, the struggle in question, in the rest of India, was designed to be nonviolent. But to the Sikhs, brought up in the teachings of the tenth guru, the idea of a nonviolent struggle was incomprehensible.

During an internal struggle within the Sikh community in 1982, separatist leader
Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his followers moved into the Golden Temple
complex in Amritsar. In June 1984, the Indian government ordered the army to
eject Bhindranwale and his followers from the complex in an offensive known as
“Operation Blue Star”. The army bombarded the Golden Temple complex, inflicting
serious damage. Bhindranwale and many of his supporters were killed during the
operation. Apart from the shattering of the Akal Takht, Operation Bluestar did little damage to the temple complex. In late May these immigrant Hindu workers became the main targets of Sikh “revenge” killings following the reoccupation of the Golden Temple complex.

Some commentators suggest that there are more “practical” reasons for Sikh unrest, high unemployment chief among these. But the question of employment — acceptable employment, that is inseparable from the question of honor among Sikhs. Working on your own farm is honorable; so is working for the government, especially the defense forces. But working as a factory hand is not honorable, and therefore not acceptable. For the industrialization of the Punjab the factory workers have had to be brought in from the outside, from poor provinces like Orissa and Bihar.

Central to the present Sikh unrest is the excess in the numbers of young male Sikhs over the amount of honorable employment available. To own even a tiny farm is honorable, but the subdivision of the farmland appears to have reached its limit. Sikhs are conspicuous in the armed forces of India, but the proportion of Sikhs in the forces is significantly lower than it was under the British. There are Indian officials who would like to increase the number of Sikhs in the armed forces of India; others resist, believing that the Sikhs would be an unreliable element in the armed forces. (There were some mutinies among raw Sikh recruits immediately after Operation Bluestar.) What career is open to a young male Sikh who doesn’t have a farm of his own and hasn’t been able to get a place in the defense forces or any other branch of government service? That question remains unresolved, and in the meantime there are too many young Sikhs who find no suitable outlet within the law for their abundant energies.

In the present generation a number of Sikhs in this category have decided to take up arms and fight for Khalistan. Those who make that choice don’t necessarily have to believe that Khalistan is attainable. Whether it is attainable or not, the fight for it remains a thoroughly honorable pursuit sanctioned by the Sikh religion through the concept of the Khalsa (military brotherhood) and by the general value system of the Sikhs.

This explains the riot against Farmer bills, as in removing MSP and introduction of Corporate sectors would imply the owners would be made workers, which not only violates there core principle and which has been already highlighted several times by various researchers as the reasons for discontent . Also, Since various local political parties leaders directly own business aligned to earlier MSP based systems, the coin-jointed agenda has further aggrieved the situation.

According to Australia’s DFAT report, “since the late 1980s and early 1990s, Sikhs
have lived peacefully in India and the majority of Sikhs do not experience societal
discrimination or violence” (Australia 17 Oct. 2018, para. 3.19). According to the joint response by the WSO representative and the Associate Professor, Sikhs may encounter difficulties integrating in areas where a Sikh community does not exist and, especially for practicing Sikhs, “in other Indian states that are not as familiar with the Sikh identity” (WSO and Associate Professor 3 May 2019).

Lets talk Fake Rape Cases-Women empowerment or Misandry?

Hey, Reader. Welcome to the blog. Before We start this read, I would suggest you to pick up your choice of beverage and warrant me some undivided attention for this is gonna be a slightly longer read.

So ready now? Gradually take a sip, if your choice of drink has caffeine, you probably are gonna be more alert, and that is exactly how i would like my readers of the blog to be.

Back in 201`1-issh, being a Social Justice Warrior was regarded as a positive term but as per current trends, it is something precarious and that is the problem with opinion, it changes all the time based on ongoing situations, environment. So, let the opinion differ, not the facts and that’s How to be impartial.

Judgment dated 04/Dec/2020, LALIT KUMAR V STATE OF NCT OF DELHI, sparked this write up. To Quote, from the Judgement

  • ” W/SI Chandra Kanta/IO of the case. She states that FIR was lodged out of anger reason being she and petitioner had an altercation on 09.08.2020. To this effect, she has not only filed affidavit but she also sought apology from this Court. Since prosecutrix has made wrong statement which culminated into the present FIR, therefore, she is liable to be prosecuted under the law, however, she seeks unconditional apology and submits that she is a married woman having two children and her matrimonial life will be destroyed if the present case is sent for trial. Her unconditional apology is accepted.”

This Women says, I am sorry, i was angry, I might have caused irreparable damage to your life but Meh Abla bichari Nari, Meh aurat hai, I am married Woman, Mother of Two Children so i filled a rape case, and just like social media post captions felt cute, might delete later and even the court lets this go, they be like Sorry boldiya, Ab handshake kar lo.

Hell broke luce, Moment. let that sink in, This was not any trivial accusation of pickpocketing or something it was a Rape accusation. That man could be mob lynched, scarred for life, be under constant prying eyes of society and the stigma of being falsely identified as sexual predator. A educated man, holding a MBA degree, was Pursuing course of Company secretary( Professional) alongside preparing for UPSC examinations. Let aside of unquantified damage, just focus on direct monetary damage arising out of career issues. Where is section 211 of IPC, which talks about  False charge of offence made with intent to injure? No, CRPC Section 482 can’t always be rationalized, it is for protection of Judiciary not otherwise. False Rape case can in noway be argued, justified and rationalized. Mocking and trivializing of such heinous crime should be made punishable.

I know i have tried to present this in a humorous way, because that’s exactly how Indians Joke about right? Women hitting a Man is a Joke whereas reverse the scenario, domestic violence, sexual assault is right up there.

In a Country like ours, Where organizations, Social workers and lot of people have put there life at risk, so that dignity of Women can be protected, So that a Women is empowered to articulate her individual freedom as a human being not as some property. The Stats are alarmingly different. Exploitation, the old foe of every problem. Human Morality, leave the Gods, leave Freud is an incurable disposition.

Delhi Commission of Women put out a 2014 report stating that 53.2% of rape cases filed between April 2013-July 2014 were false. At the same time, there is another flip to coin that 99% and if marital rape and assault is not included, then around 85% of Crimes against Women are not even reported as per National Family Health Survey (NFHS) conducted in 2015-16.

Create Pro women laws, like the famous dowry law IPC Sec 498 A, which is turned into the famous legal extortion law. As law makers introduced laws to reduce the factor of taboo as to improve reporting of crimes against women, the desired effect is pretty different than intended. Also, We can’t verify the cases dropped because it can’t be clearly known whether the woman was lying or was the woman put under pressure to withdraw her claim.

There are still millions if not less, who are still waiting for justice while a fraction of them uses this tools to exploit. This is the big problem, the people who need food stamps don’t get it, the children who are malnourished and are in dire need of Mid day meals don’t get it and even where Govt. has been able to set up good facilities it is usually availed by those who are just exploitative.Our Food distribution system shares the same fate.

This explains something, the problem ain’t in systems, rules, regulations but in the fact that, Most of us have failed at being just Human being. As our data reporting improves and we have more statistical data to counter, we shall have solutions, for at current situations we don’t even have all the measurement.

P.S I don’t endorse usage of caffeine based drink. All content of this post are personal opinions. I respect the mandate of court but hereby don’t find the judgement satisfactory as per as my personal understandings and to the best of my knowledge.

Why India doesn’t criminalizes Marital Rape?

Just recap:- lastly we talked about cultural backlogs and reason justifying why marital rape isn’t criminalized, but can a crime be justified? Can non-consent be argued? Nope, not in my universe.

On that note, RAPE is RAPE, it is an worst insult that is possible to human creature as not only it degrades a person but also invalidates the capacity of that person individual basic rights as Right to choose, right to freedom and free will which are pillars of this free world. A society which wants to be civil, open and free has no place for such an occurrence. We can’t Quote Morality for utmost failure in itself, we can’t quote Gods if the behavior on itself is not Godly. Being a Hindu, Muslim or Christian or any religion or sect doesn’t justify any thing, especially in context of our country wherein the framers of our Nation through the Constitution ensured equality among equals, So by justifying Rape crime, Do we imply Women are not equal in the cannon of equity. Men and Women are not equal, there are certain biological inhibitions that make them different, but they are very much equitable. By that i mean, We cant say Men and Women are equal say for example, Men don’t get pregnant so Can they demand Maternity benefits same as women? Following Absolute equality would imply that, but If we apply cannon of equity then that is not even a question. Also, Is reservation of seats in buses or any other medium of transport for women, if we apply absolute equality is injustice, but if we look through cannon of equity, we would understand that Such steps are taken to protect the vulnerable. Ask a Man, How would he feel about his sister/mother/girlfriend/wife taking the late night Mumbai local or Delhi metro(not a location based thing) and likewise and you have your answer why Equity is more important just equality.

For the same reason, consent is very important, which the patriarchal society like ours has been unable to grasp with. Most men who think being a provider allows them to use Women as they please, I can argue on both sides explaining how the sides rationalize but what can’t be argued that it is the social construct which is to blamed for, and Money cannot buy a human. Slavery isn’t legal anymore, not because the owners of slaves were doing anything particularly wrong as in they paid the price they got the person, but the thing is Human being is not a property. It can nor be owned nor entitled upon.

So, If marital rape must be crime then, how do you determine the crime? Who gets to decide, what is consensual and non-consensual? Women have abused dowry laws and more so clean chit can be awarded there. I looked up various laws regarding same, In most countries where marital rape has been criminalized, it has worked for good only when the society isn’t trivial, in other cases, It is just another case of exploitation. It leads us into, basic question How patriarchal society Considers Women as gatekeeper of Sex? The problem is here. We need to liberate women from being gate-keepers to Sex to just being a Human thing. We need to stop as society as a government to regulate sexual activities, I say Legalize prostitution not just it also promote it. Firstly, it will solve the problem of sexual exploitation as legalization would allow law to create tools for protection and also would reduce the taboo factor of it which would solve lot of issues around it.

This will be the end of this topic but we are not stopping the discussion here but evolving our discussion to the next. In next upcoming articles, We will discuss about Sex workers and will dive into the problems of this Patriarchy, which has been widely talked but rarely understood. I would like to make an eccentric discussion on it and the challenges around it.

What is wrong with dating culture?

Do you use Pick up lines to pick a date? Do you follow the reply rule? Do you use Red pill or blue pill ideas? Do you apply laws of power to form relationships? The question isn’t what but why? The funny thing about dating games is that experienced ones who actually get the dice rolling don’t actually hit it. It is common among young pubs- Oh! Cute little creatures. Remember, the Children search for magic not the adults, for adults know how to distinguish between trick and fact. I couldn’t help but laugh over. When i started to write about this, I was not quite sure about What to write or even Should I write about it but My friends thought that this needed to be shared.. They wanted me to stop laughing and be humble about it.

I want to narrate a story, there was this Guy say Varun who wanted to date this Girl Nishi, they were both neighbors. That Girl met another guy say Sanjog and in less than couple of days Nishi and Sanjog started getting well together. During this, Varun got insecure but follwing games, which required him to maintain frame of control subtly started copying Sanjog’s personality, stalked him over all his social media. Sanjog noticed this. Sanjog tried telling Nishi, but Nishi thought Sanjog was getting Jealous. In fact, Nishi started using this upon both of them. She would feed Varun off, talking about Sanjog’s deeds. When Sanjog saw how Nishi was showing his personal details to Varun, seeing which Sanjog simply removed himself, ending all ties for such childish games are mockery more than anything. Now, with Sanjog gone, Varun was quite happy, but naturally within less than couple of weeks It was not working, then Varun tried in all ways to instigate Sanjog because Varun in his heart knew he was pretending be someone, and without Sanjog being in frame, Who would he pretend to be? Moral of the Story:- Such games are futile as relationships are most about connection than about hooks, and later only to complain about ruined relationships. Such law of powers have usage in very different context, not in forming relationships.

See, as you lay under the sun, you learn and be wise. You know it rains because of bad weather not bad luck. The inexperienced Joe who is insecure about his/her worth will play compensatory games, for Joe thinks that by using frame control, social proofing, he can create a image while being completely unaware of the fact that Adulthood involves learning the people games, and most people, who have experienced this world, would have been naturally pre-exposed to such trickery. What we learn is that playing games is confusing, and exhausting, and often results in losing what we want to keep.

Cliche but true, Be yourself unless you plan to nail everything under then Sun, then for sure, don’t be yourself. People fall in love, build relationship because they want to feel loved, enjoy good times not to conquer or win. When we use laws of power as tool for formation of relationship, We move away from core of relationships i.e Human connections and makes it more of a battle, more about winnings, When its all about If you have to walk across a field of broken glass being blindfolded, who do you want holding your arm?

This be it, the third episode on Why India doesn’t criminalizes marital rape will be out on soon. Due to some issues, it has been delayed. Stay posted.

Sex- the infamous act of defamation

Ever since the big bang, the bang has stuck around to be the most convoluted. The frameworks of religion- the subset of societal control to deliver a structure and Our roots to conquer had led to array of abysmal. It is a deep slumber reinforced by society long time ago, and now we have been indoctrinated to continue it perpetually. What is a basic act of survival continuity has been attached to with so many prejudice. If sex(coitus) was a living being, that person would be M.K Gandhi- Every one knows about him, Some idealize him, some think him to be controlling and manipulative but most fail to understand him.

You visit your favorite restaurant, order your food, eat it. If the food is good, you will enjoy it and if you hungry enough, you wont care about it but you will still eat it. Do you need to have a romantic relationship or such set of “…..” with the Chef to enjoy the food? Now, imagine someone saying this, He eats four times a day, Disgusting. He is character less. He eats at Chinese restaurant, he is so immoral. He cooks at home, such a lunatic. Shame Shame Shame.

Does your eating habit act as the judgement of who you are as person? No, but We know some people who judge based on the same, you know what and you know who it is. See, that kind of en masse we are dealing with, and you wonder, Why i like thanos, huh?( readers be like, He claims to talk all sense and then like a 14 year old believes in fictional unreal action figures, i can’t trust him). Guess What? Batman is cool, okey and Obviously, I believe them more than Real action figures like Doolan turump and Noor-a-indra Mudi( typos intended for I can afford gallis not Z security). Also, there is food porn too.

When society tries to regulate the basic biological necessity, crime is born, rape Culture, battle of sexes, toxic gender. See, Smoking Weed is crime because they made the plant illegal, Why? Unlike Alcohol, any one one can grow the plant and devour it, so How are the ones who sponsor political funding gonna make money if people already get what they want and don’t pay them? Also, Black black blackie(If you know it, you know it). Don’t worry weed is gonna legalize soon as the demand for alcohol and tobacco is crashing and when it crashes to lower limit and Hemp industry is already profitable, so they will sell you someday soon, like the same way, to all this movement of individual freedom, they will legalize brothel’s. There is nothing wrong with prostitution, everything wrong with the idea of exploitation.

See, Animals are free to act upon any impulse they want to and We like to deny, but we Humans are mere animals with heightened sense of awareness. Most animals have mating season, but we human have a choice to the act? We can do it anytime( Remember, Lyra ads, anytime anywhere). Also, Human babies are weakest creature. When animals give birth, there young ones are mostly instilled with most skills for survival but that Human baby, needs protection for the only thing it can do on its own is Poop and cry, It will die if it is left on the rules of nature to nurture it, on the other hand, Animal babies are ready to be self sufficient like most within 18 months but human babies?

So, you understand there is genuine issue behind why regulators would like to control the act of sex, and rather defame it than to increase positivity around it but in an civilized and educated society, it is waste and more of hazardous to carry on such indoctrination toxic tools of societal regulations, as there is empirical and tangible evidences that support we are doing more of harm by doing so then to purport the movement forward, but again is the society on the whole educated and civilized enough to take responsible choices if the delusion of control is removed?

image courtesy painting by the French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme.